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Purchase / Refund Policy

Once you finalize your purchase you will see that this is NOT a recurring payment. Meaning, that a month from now you will have to sign back in and purchase it again. This is due to the platform Tebex upgrading to PayPal's new subscription based API. All chargebacks are met with a permanent platform ban. Please make sure to reach out to us about any concern you have about your purchase!

Product Delivery / Redemption

To redeem your contributor tier or credits, head to Once you have reached that page, please check your email for an email from Tebex. Inside that email is a tbx-###### code. Place this entire tebex code (including the tbx-) into the redemption box, and then press the submit button and there you go. If you have any issues with this, please open a MISC ticket and one of our support members will be happy to help!

Contributor Period / Expiration

When buying tiers, keep in mind that the 30 days starts from the time of purchase. Not the time of redemption! At the 28 day mark, you are soon to expire; 30 days marks it as expired; at this point you are given a 10 day grace period. Once the grace period has lifted, your office, and any vehicles you own will be deleted or sent up onto the marketplace which can be found at


Our exclusive contributor system gives you access to exclusive chats, discord roles, in-game chat roles, custom made garage system, and access to over 1,700+ custom vehicles ranging from motorcycles, sport cars, and supercars!



I have been contributing for a little over 5 months, I am currently a tier 8 contributor. I really enjoy the fact that you can have a vehicle in the server that only you can drive & The share keys system is one of the best perks in the contributing system where you can share your vehicles with your friends. I also enjoy that you get backstage access at all server events & the small perks like being able to send gifs in the discord are also cool. And management always tries to find new ways to add to the perks of contributors.


While being an active contributor within ELRP, I have gotten many perks that make contributors worth buying. I have been contributing for 3 months, I mostly buy tier 2 but I have recently upgraded to tier 3. My favorite thing that I can do while being a contributor is I can have my own personal cars. I also get cars made from developers that I submit into the server and use. Being a contributor in ELRP is one of the best things I have ever done.


I have been contributing for over 3 years. I am a Tier 8 at this point in time. Something I like about it, is that I get to have my very own private vehicle that no one else can drive. I also love the roleplay within the server as its always fun when I "try" to get pulled over for not having the correct plate.